August '23 Newsletter


August 2023

Dear Friends of the Library,
Our summer newsletter suggests a tweak to your travel itinerary, offers more great books to read (and why), and shares an interview with a fellow Friend whose experiences with the library might align with yours.

Libraries Where you Least Expect Them
By Vicki Urquhart

As we approach the end of the summer travel season, you may be thinking back on your recent adventures while at the same time planning your next trip or outing. Whether your dream destination is miles away or nearby, you likely will visit the “must-see” places, but traveling sometimes simply means wandering around a new place and coming across an interesting building. If a library is not on your places-to-see list, why not carve out some time for a visit? Here are three libraries that offer adventure where you least expect it.

Possibly the world’s most beautiful library

  • The National Library of the Czech Republic is just that. It is tucked inside a historic complex of buildings known as the Clementinum, and there is little signage directing you there, but once you carefully climb the narrow circling staircase, your curiosity is rewarded. There, you are transported to the 1700s when the baroque style was popular for important buildings, and although you are restricted from browsing its 20,000 books, you can view and appreciate what often is described as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

         Take a video tour:  

See a movie, play video games, or dine at this library

  • You can, of course, check out books at the Oslo, Norway, main library, but there is so much more to do! Visitors describe the building as “modern” and “dynamic,” and it proves it by lighting up after dark. But the real draw is its many workshops, lectures, discussions, readings, and family activities. So, do not wait for a rainy day to visit, but do plan time to explore this city-center building that has put a new twist on the role of a library in the heart of a city.                                                                                                                   

         More info:

Before hitting the surf, duck into the library or take a walk on the pier   

  • Reading on the beach is a great way to relax, and at the New  Brighton Library in Christchurch, New Zealand, you won’t need to drag along your bag full of books. Instead, you can browse their collection before heading to the sand, or if you prefer to stay dry and sand-free, head to the pier. Both the library and pier have won awards for their unique architecture. One of a network of 20 libraries serving Christchurch, everything about this library reflects the history, culture, and people of the area.                 

Check it out:


Board Member Profile
Stepping up when needed

Joann Perko, co-president of the Friends & Foundation Board of Directors, rarely has a free day to relax in her garden with a cup of tea. Instead, driven by her belief that thriving libraries strengthen communities, she volunteers her time and talents to planning and implementing Foundation projects.

Joann grew up on the family farm and ranch in Regent, North Dakota, where her parents, who were Dutch immigrants, settled and raised a family. She and her six older brothers had a "great” childhood, spending summers working cattle and tending the property, but also having fun horseback riding.

Joann first attended a small K-12 school in Regent and later a nearby high school. After graduating, she enrolled in the University of Northern Colorado and earned a Middle School Education degree and later, a Master’s in Educational Media.

In 1978, she took on her first teaching job as a 6th grade English teacher at Windsor Middle School. There, she met now-husband Gary and eventually their family grew to include daughters Brittany and Anna. Over time, her role expanded to teacher-librarian and she moved to Mountain View Elementary, where she especially enjoyed interacting with the entire faculty and student body.

Despite such a busy schedule, Joann found another way to make a difference in her community—volunteering. She applied for and became a member of the Clearview Library Board of Directors; then served as a liaison between the library board and the Friends & Foundation board; and when she could no longer serve on the library board due to term limitations, she stepped up to join the Foundation’s Board of Directors, where she currently serves as co-president along with Beth Jackson.

One accomplishment Joann is particularly proud of is Clearview Reads and the Kathy Murphy author series, which annually brings to our community outstanding authors, such as Peter Heller, Anne Hillerman, and William Kamkwamba, to name a few.

Looking forward, Joann plans to travel and spend more time with family, especially her granddaughter and brothers. She enjoys biking, walking the dogs with Anna, knitting, sewing, gardening, quilting, and singing with the contemporary Christian group at her church. And, as you might expect, reading is on that list, too!

Joann tells me that if she could give advice to her younger self, it would be: “Be more adventurous.” Looks like that is advice she plans to take.


Joann finds a rare moment to relax in her backyard garden.


Construction on new Severance branch library begins

On May 22, 2023, two representatives from the Friends and Foundation Board—ToniRae Andres (secretary) and Joann Perko (co-president)—joined other community leaders and representatives from the design and construction companies to witness the groundbreaking for the new branch library.
Learn more about the project here: Library Branch in Severance | Clearview Library

Watch for. . .

Convenient and affordable book sales
The Friends & Foundation has purchased a new bookshelf that will be dedicated for book sales. Look for it in the hallway off the main lobby and outside of the large meeting room. You can expect to see a wide selection of weeded or gently used books, some of which are being donated from the Friends. Prices are posted. If you enjoyed browsing this shelf prior to the library’s closure for renovation, then you can celebrate its return! 

Author selected for Clearview Reads 2024
We are excited to announce that the Friends & Foundation will be hosting Sarah Penner, author of The Lost Apothecary for next year’s Clearview Reads event.  Expect to see more details in the January 2024 newsletter.

Search for part-time Foundation Director soon to be underway
We have worked with the Board of Trustees and library staff to develop a job description for a part-time Foundation Director job.

A Favorite Book
By Kathy Wise

When asked about my favorite book, I immediately knew the answer would be The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher. The story takes place in coastal England and opens with a woman just home from the hospital having suffered a mild heart attack. Penelope is widowed with three adult children, one of whom she is particularly close to, Olivia. Her other two children, Nancy and Noel, are more interested in getting their hands on paintings done by Penelope’s father, a highly regarded artist and long since deceased. His artwork is now worth a substantial amount, and because of their mother’s failing health, Nancy and Noel plan to sell the art and divide the money. The most famous piece, The Shell Seekers, is of three children, including Penelope,hunting for sea shells on the beach. A potential conflict arises when Penelope wants the collection to go to an art museum to be enjoyed by all. This book is a story of three generations in one family and is beautifully written. The characters are well developed, and the descriptions of English towns, cities, and beaches sweep the reader into their world.

My recommendation? This book is for you if you enjoy family sagas with believable characters, or if you just want to read a good story!

A Conversation with a Friend
By Jennifer Swanson

Meet Jamie Reid, a relative newcomer to our area and a Friend of the library since 2022.
*Tell us about your first visit to a library.
One of my earliest library memories is getting my first library card as an elementary student and feeling a  mixture of pride and anxiety, knowing I was being entrusted with borrowing privileges, which seemed like a huge responsibility.
*What do you think makes the Clearview Library District unique? 
Since moving here about two years ago, I have begun to appreciate that the Clearview Library District remains independent, rather than part of another, larger library district. This allows it to focus on maintaining and supporting our community’s values, which I think is important.
*Do you have a favorite library program?
I love the Bookmobile program and its many weekly visits around the community. It is another example of how the library prioritizes service to the community by bringing the library to neighborhoods and patrons all over the district, including into our schools to support and supplement what is available to our students. 
*Which section of the library do you use the most?    I love the new Teen space that was part of the recent renovation. As a parent of not-so-little-anymore readers, I know how valuable it is for teens to have spaces where they are not just safe, but feel welcome and like they can relax and be themselves. I appreciate that the library is providing this kind of space for our young community members.  
*Describe for us the book stack in your home.
I am primarily a fiction reader, sci-fi and fantasy, in particular, so that’s where I gravitate; but as a family, we spend a lot of time in the juvenile stacks and children's area. At the moment, the top book on my home reading stack is one that my kiddos recommended--The Wild Robot Escapes by Peter Brown. There are five other books underneath that one, most of which are the books I have been reading aloud to my kiddos at bedtime.
*Where is your favorite place to read during the summer?
This year I have really enjoyed reading on my front porch while watching the numerous storms passing through; nothing like a summer thunderstorm to create the perfect soundtrack for spending time with a good book.


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