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image3.pngExploring Early Literacy

The Clearview Library District is committed to promoting pre-reading skills in our youngest patrons in every way possible. We now have two new Explore Kits that help to do just that!

Starling by Versame is a wearable word counter for your baby. Babies learn language by hearing it, and the more they hear, the faster their brains get. This device reassures parents of the number of words their child is hearing every day. Set new word count goals and watch your baby’s brain flourish!

Moonlight is an easy-to-use storybook projector for your mobile phone that turns your child’s favorite storybooks into an immersive and magical experience. Stories come to life with vivid projections, sound effects, background music and more when paired with the Moonlite app.

Check out our Explore Kits for little ones and their caregivers today!